Delivering absolute confidence through our exclusive hangar services

The services we offer include minor inspections, maintenance, overhaul and up to full aircraft refurbishment. Any components being removed for overhaul are processed in our own workshops adjacement to the hangar facility.

From minor inspections, maintenance and repair to major overhauls and full helicopter refurbishment, we operate a spacious and fully equipped hangar and adjacent workshops for repair and testing components.

Our Hangar Services provide an exceptional and dedicated facility for a wide range of customers including:


Reliable and competitive support for dynamic components

As a HR Textron Qualified repair facility, our approved workshops and highly trained technicians and engineers are fully equipped to provide overhaul, repair and test facilities for many hydraulic flight actuators and other hydraulic components fitted by a wide range of helicopter manufacturers.

In addition to pre and post overhaul/repair test requirements, we manage an extensive stock of overhaul condition exchange parts to maintain turnaround times which are five to 15 days as standard. An Aircraft On Ground is also available.


Hydraulics servicing and overhaul, delivered to the highest standards

In accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements and based on standard pricing schedules, we offer a reliable and competitive overhaul and repair service for dynamic components installed in a range of aircraft including strip, clean and inspection, non-destructive testing and a number of approved rework and repair schemes to minimise new parts and cost.

Automatically incorporating all mandatory directives and bulletins, standard turnaround times range from two to 14 days and we also offer an Aircraft on Ground service to help prevent further delays or cancellations.